Custom Gates in Kansas City, KS

Every fence needs a gate. Gates provide security, accessibility, aesthetic value and more to a fencing installation, making them an important feature when it comes to customization, placement and upkeep.

Not only is Fence Crafters of Kansas City your premier provider of fencing solutions, we’re also the final word on custom gates in Kansas City. Our team works to ensure every great fence has a quality gate attached to it.

Gating Factors to Consider

fence gate
There are many factors that go into a well-designed gating solution. The size of the entrance, latch mechanism, decoration, opening direction and more are all contributors to how a gate will function and what the requirements of a specific gate design will be.

When designing gates in Kansas City, Piper, Wyandotte County, and Basehor, KS, our team takes all of these factors into account, as well as your preferences and the overall design of your fence, to ensure we’re producing a gating solution that’s ideal. We go above and beyond to make sure our work is beautiful, functional and alluring.

Customized Considerations

Will your gate be tasked with keeping out curious kids? Will it stand as more of a decorative piece in your overall fencing design? Is it purely an access point? Whatever role your gate will play in the overall scope of your fencing, we’re ready to accommodate it. From how it’s hung to the type of latch mechanism installed, we customize all considerations to meet the unique application of your specific gate.

Expert Installation and Repair

When your gate is ready to be installed or needs to be serviced, make Fence Crafters of Kansas City your first call. We’re gating experts with the ability to seamlessly provide results—whether the gate is a finishing touch on your new fence or you’re repairing one that’s been in use for decades.

Contact us today at phone number 913-416-8083 to discuss your unique gate needs—from design and installation to repairs and beyond. We’re more than capable of providing you with the products and services you need to enjoy this critical installation, along with fencing, pool fences, and related repair services.

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